Friday, March 15, 2013

Free Old English Letters

The above facts and information about the Old English Letters used during Elizabethan times help to clarify the confusion surrounding the translation of old English documents! The facts explain why the old English letters in Elizabethan manuscripts look different to the way they are written in modern English! They also explain why English words were spelt differently in the Elizabethan language and why old English letters were written differently in the Elizabethan era! The above explanations about old English letters provide valuable information for those wishing to try the translation of an Elizabethan document!

This information about the old English Elizabethan Language and the Elizabethan Online Dictionary for an easy to follow Elizabethan language guide! The translation and definition of the Elizabethan words and meanings used in the Elizabethan language make the literature of the era, including the works of William Shakespeare much easier to understand!

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